Our Ethics

Our Love Story For The Nubian Princesses Dolls

What do we Stand for?

By Designing The Nubian Princesses we strived for authenticity, representation, cultural connectivity, education and high value.

We passionate about educating and inspiring young black girls about who they are, being proud and self confidence in their culture, enough to allow them to become a better vision of themselves and carry themselves forward with self-assurance. To accompany their journey of self-identify and discovery.

We are a team dedicated to promote self-love, acceptance of one self and the education of black girls and African culture around the world. We will do this through the creation of The Nubian Dolls and forthcoming educational books.

As a black woman I understand the power of representation and how important role models are and the importance in the way we view ourselves. It is with that in mind we create high value quality products and affordable to make sure all girls can afford to be part of the journey and feel represented.

The original facial features draw upon the pool of African women representing the mother continent. Nubian Princesses is a black owned business.

Why should I buy from you instead of your competitors? What are you trying to accomplish?

To Take the baton of culture from where those before me left it to recreate and reconnect with self love and cultural understanding. Our philosophy comes from within and gives you an anchor, purpose, focus, clarity and understanding of your place in the world. Something that we have lost.

What differentiates our product ?

Designed by our team, whose only focus was to represent the different beauty and features in black communities not a caricature so often seen.

The product was designed by a group of black designers and we are a black owned Manufacturer business.

Client’s Testimonials

At The Nubian Princesses, we are immensely proud of the impact our black doll Kiraa has had on young black girls and their families. Here's what some of our wonderful customers said about their experiences: