Kiraa’s Reading and Coloring Book | The Nubian Princesses

Kiraa’s Reading and Coloring Book | The Nubian Princesses


Kiraa’s Reading and Coloring Book” offers 32 interactive pages, including 16 vivid color illustrations and 16 coloring pages, designed to inspire creativity and imagination in children aged 4-8. This book seamlessly combines engaging storytelling with educational content, encouraging artistic expression and cultural appreciation in a fun, interactive format.

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This book is the first of a series of stories introducing Kiraa’s character who becomes friends with a falcon, master of the sky.

Kiraa wants to be an astrophysicist and one day she wants to go to space.

This story encourages children to explore their imagination, practice their reading whilst colouring in the pictures.

Description to add to Kira book

  • The Nubian Princesses: Kiraa’s Reading and Colouring Book is ideal for children aged 3-8 years.
  • Contains 32 inner pages (mixture of 16  sheets colours x 16 sheets black/ white  sides) filled with colouring designs for keeping children entertained for hours.
  • Dimensions are 29cm x 20cm


Embark on a Stellar Journey Embark on a stellar journey with “Kiraa’s Reading and Coloring Book.” As the first installment in the Kiraa’s adventure series, this educational children’s book brings to life young Princess Kiraa, a girl with dreams of astrophysics. Moreover, the book offers a vibrant world of learning and creativity. Young readers join Kiraa’s quest, filled with wonder and inspiration.

Ideal for Young Explorers Ideal for children aged 4 to 8, “Kiraa’s Reading and Coloring Book” is a treasure trove. It combines storytelling with interactive play, fostering creativity and learning. This creates memorable parent-child interactions and serves as an engaging tool for cultural learning for kids.

Key Features:

Empowering Narrative Readers will find stories in “Kiraa’s Reading and Coloring Book” that showcase a princess forging her path to her dreams. This strengthens the book’s place in empowering youth literature.

Interactive Pages This book boasts 16 full-color illustrations and an equal number of coloring pages. It encourages young artists while complementing the Kiraa’s adventure series.

Cultural Exploration Kiraa’s story offers a window into Nubian culture, adding diversity to children’s books and sparking curiosity about African heritage stories.

Educational Content Children learn the basics of space and science through Kiraa’s adventures, fostering a keen interest in learning that is both fun and engaging.

Creative Outlet The coloring pages serve as canvases for creativity, positioning this book as a top-tier children’s coloring book.

Quality Time with Family This book is more than an African princess book; it is an opportunity for family bonding over shared stories and art.

Inspiration and Imagination Kiraa’s adventures encourage readers to dream big and explore their potential, making them an imagination igniter.


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